Development of 3D Printed Wearable Button Antenna for Soldier performance monitoring applications




Network-enabled capability for a soldier is a new technology-focused concept gaining traction among world researchers. Indian army is investing heavily to enable a networked force that brings together the combinations of computer systems, weapon platforms, and communications systems. Some of the well-known advantages of the system include agility in the Use of tactics, monitoring the performance of the soldier in real-time, reducing sensor-to-shoot times, etc.

To develop a novel, low-cost, high-efficiency 3D printing technology to realize a wearable button-type antenna. We will develop an affordable direct writing technology based on Additive manufacturing processes. We envisage the use of conductive inks and a method of dispensing and depositing the ink on a 3D-printed polymer substrate.

Development of novel deep learning, visual servoing approaches for improved detection of anti-tank mines using thermal vision assisted mobile robot





To develop an integrated mobile robotic and drone-based land mine detection system with deep learning capability using hyperspectral imaging and cognitive radio technologies suitable for varying soil and weather conditions.

Design and development of a dual-band RF Energy Harvester for Wireless Sensor Networks using Aerosol Jetting Technology 



To design, develop and prototype a dual-band RF energy harvester to meet the current demands of next-generation wireless sensor networks (WSN) towards the Internet of things (IoT) and M2M scenario. 

To develop a proof of concept for the complete design of RF energy harvesting electronic circuit (Antenna, Impedance Transformer, voltage multiplier, etc. ) fabricated using Aerosol jetting technology.

To investigate the suitable additive manufacturing technology for the development of RF/Microwave circuits.