Areas of Research


Center for Smart Manufacturing is an interdisciplinary center for IT-enabled Design and Manufacturing.

The major objectives of the center are to


  1. Optimize the designs by exploiting the additional complexities feasible with AM (DfAM).
  2. Digitize the product creation through Additive Manufacturing (AM)
  3. Create digital product representations of products (Digital Thread), assets, and systems (Digital Twin) suitable for smart additive manufacturing
  4. Capturing AM process knowledge through industry-specific manufacturing ontologies
  5. Create data-driven process models to leverage the data generated from the physical and virtual world (Analytics) on AM machines.
  6. Create augmented digital to physical spaces (AR/VR) to test early digital prototypes
  7. Create a scaled Smart Factory Test Bed  as a proving ground for the digital AM technologies
  8. Build collaborative interfaces among smart manufacturing assets using cloud manufacturing
  9. Integrate interoperable information systems for lifecycle (PLM), enterprise (MES/ERP), and value chain domains (Supply chain and logistics) suited for smart manufacturing architectures
  10. Build sustainable models of design and manufacture by analyzing the cradle to grave impacts of new connected systems and products (Sustainable Product Design and Manufacturing)
  11. Analyze the vulnerabilities and build secure systems using blockchain architecture (Cyber Manufacturing Security).
  12. Decentralize the production processes and create product architectures for distributed manufacturing
  13. Build human-in-loop cognitive systems to bridge operation technology to information technology through Industrial Internet of Things (Cognitive IoT)